Type: Conference
Location: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, Seattle, WA

A word has been trending in recent years: SENOLYTICS. Have your patients started asking about it? Does your literature search take you down a research rabbit hole? Busy clinicians have so much they need to stay informed about. Whether you greet that fact with enthusiasm or overwhelm, PLMI can be your trusted partner in determining what you need to know, who you need to follow, and how you can expect to apply this knowledge in your practice.


Senescence—the root word at the core of senolytic science—refers to the biological aging of human cells, some of which become damaged and potentially harmful. Senescent cells are often linked to chronic disease states. The revolutionary new field of senolytic science addresses this problem of cellular debris and the damage it can cause. With each discovery that is made about substances and mechanisms that prompt apoptosis—the clearing of these problematic cells—new potential treatment options for patients with chronic illnesses emerge. Groundbreaking research has already been published, and more studies are underway all around the world. When it comes to extracting meaning from noise, there is no better person to introduce you, guide you, and open your eyes to the possibilities than PLMI President Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

The immune system is at the center of the aging process. Every ten seconds, more than one million new immune cells are produced. That number represents tremendous potential, but if these cells are dysfunctional then the cycle of senescence will carry forward, as will chronic disease states. How can you orchestrate a breakthrough? The key is not to support a dysfunctional immune system, but rather to take full advantage of processes that encourage immune regeneration. What are the tools? Food, nutrients, hormone balance, microbiome diversity, cellular integrity, and even behavioral and psychosocial determinants. The Thought Leaders Consortium is a conference where each of these areas—and more—will be linked and woven, providing you with a fresh view of the clinical landscape with a new perspective to take home to your practice.

PLMI has a BIG goal for 2020: We want to provide you with a 360-degree view of the power and resilience of the immune system. To do this, we are bringing together top experts from leading academic centers such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Jefferson Medical School, and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. If you think that means lecture after lecture after lecture, think again! We injected a shot of creative thinking into our event planning this year and something totally new is on deck: dynamic dialogues and multigenerational perspectives. Significantly, this half-day session is focused on clinical translation. Consider the value of not only learning from clinical pioneers, but also hearing from members of the second wave—children who grew up immersed in the origins of the functional medicine movement and today are innovative and successful practitioners in their own right. From creating well babies to solving our toxic environmental challenges, an undaunted group of new leaders is emerging. The 2020 Thought Leaders Consortium is not just about learning, it’s also about legacy, community, and the future of our planet. Join us for this truly original experience!