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A Natural Living Family & Cancer Tutor Collaboration…


Hope for Breast Cancer Full-Length Documentary (NEW!)

We’ve been quietly working on a project for more than a year that we’re ready to give y’all a sneak-peek into: a full-length feature documentary film titled, The Hope for Breast Cancer. In association with Cancer Tutor, we are releasing the moving with a Global Screening before submitting it to various film festivals around the country and before putting it up on Amazon Prime.


We’ve consulted with a professional screenplay writer and two documentary experts and have created a potentially award-winning movie.

Nothing like this has been done before: turning a $50,000 donation (to a non-profit to sponsor a cancer patient to receive non-toxic, integrative treatments) into a full-length feature documentary.

With YOUR help, we will do this again (and again); sponsor more patients, send them across globe, feature more clinics, and document their stories.

We are in the process of submitting the documentary to film festivals across the nation to be part of the 2020 film festival tour, and YOUR community gets a chance to watch this movie before anyone else during our Nov 6 Global Premiere. Super exciting, isn’t it?!?


We expect nothing less than awesomeness as we’ve hired optimization and copy consultants to help ensure that this launch will be as successful as possible. Plus, we’re working with our trusted Facebook ad team to retarget YOUR leads to boost your commissions. 🙂